Astronomy trip: Cambodia 2014.

Follow us in our Astronomy trip through Cambodia.
A series of 7 short articles on Astronomy in Cambodia.
Please enjoy the posts and the astronomy behind it.

Sunset on west coast of Cambodia
Me @ Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Read the series of 7 articles bellow
  1. Follow our Astronomy trip through Cambodia!
  2. Cambodia 2014: Is there Astronomy in Cambodia?
  3. Cambodia 2014: Assessment of the night sky seeing and light pollution in visited places in Cambodia.
  4. Cambodia 2014: Ancient Astronomy: Angkor Wat, Temple City built with astronomical measurements to mimic the Gods in the Universe.  
  5. Cambodia 2014: Southern night sky and constellations. A delight for us living in the Northern Hemisphere. 
  6. Cambodia 2014: Chasing the Green Flash. Catch the last moments of the setting Sun. 
  7. Cambodia 2014: Astronomy trip through PHOTOS.
Photo gallery HERE.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia @ night
Dr. Vith in Battambang, Cambodia


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