25 March 2015

Long Exposure Pinhole Camera Project @ Sahara Sky observatory

On my latest astronomy trip to the Sahara in Southern Morocco, I met with many enthusiast people in astronomy. I had a blast doing many activities related to astronomy as Meteorite hunting, astrophotographying the night sky and learning much of astronomy in general at this fabulous hotel/observatory called Sahara Sky. 10 days of meteorite hunting, astronomy learning and stargazing in the Sahara was incredible and just unforgettable. Please join me in a series of posts on my journey through the Sahara in Southern Morocco and one of the most dark skies places I have ever seen.

Pinhole camera (Solargraph) project @ Sahara Sky 2014.
photo: Stefan Lamoureux, Fritz Koring, Janne Leppäkoski
Credit: S. Lamoureux/ KTY Toutatis.
The Astronomy club Toutatis wanted to thank the Sahara Sky observatory for it's hospitality with a Pinhole camera called Solargraph that takes long exposure of 6 months. Mr. Fritz Koring, the owner of the Sahara Sky was presented an empty can of beer with tape on it, this was the Pinhole camera. Modest you think? It is exactly that!

The Solargraph. A pinhole camera made to record
the path of the Sun in the sky for a period of 6 months
Credit: S. Lamoureux/ KTY Toutatis.
Now the beer can will be pointing straight South and capture the movement of the Sun for a total of 6 months time. Solargraphy is a technique in which a fixed pinhole camera is used to expose photographic paper for an extremely long amount of time (in this case half a year). It is most often used to show the path taken by the sun across the sky. (See other posts on Solargarphs and pinhole camera HERE)

Now that it is installed, we wait. In June 2015 we will open the camera and see the results. This is actually really cool, because this pictures taken in Southern Morocco will show us if there is a difference in the Sun's curve (Sun's apparent movement in the sky) from my own Solargraph of Finland. This is surely exciting.

Different curvature at different Latitude.
These ones are took from LAT 60"
Credit: S. Lamoureux/KTY Toutatis.

Thank you for Mr. Koring @ Sahara Sky hotel/observatory to participate in this astronomy activity with us @ Astronomy club Toutatis.

Follow the complete travel post series on the Sahara desert, Southern Morocco HERE and enjoy the astronomy behind it. This is all part of the public outreach of Astronomy Club Toutatis, Kustavi, Finland.



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