Astronomy trip to Moroccan Sahara 2016

Follow the complete travel post series on my Astronomy trip to the Moroccan Sahara in january 2016.
12 small articles for you to read and enjoy.
Travel and study Astronomy at the same time, how refreshing.

Stefan Lamoureux and the Spoke wheel #2 rock carving, Ait Ouazik, Morocco, 2016

 Read the 13 articles on my voyage to the Moroccan Sahara.

The Age of Astronomy:
  1. 0/7: Introducing Ancient AstronomySeries: The AGE OF ASTRONOMY. PROLOGUE.
  2. 1/7: Instruments: NASA's STEREO mission. Predicting the Sun's activities.2006AD
  3. 2/7: Relics: Abù Bakr Ibn Yùsuf's medieval Moroccan Astrolabes. 1216AD
  4. 3/7: Places: El Caracol, Mayan Observatory. 906AD
  5. 4/7: Artefacts: Nebra sky disk of North Germany. 1600BC
  6. 5/7: Astronomical References: The Scarab and the Dung beetle. 1813BC
  7. 6/7: Alignments: Megaliths of Carnac, France. 3300BC
  8. 7/7: Maps: Prehistoric Starmap. 10500BC
Echoes of Archaeoastronomy:
  1. 1/4: A brief introduction to Archaeoastronomy 
  2. 2/4: In search of Astronomy: Village of Ait Ouazik, Southern Morocco and village of Oukaimeden,Atlas mountains, Morocco. 
  3. 3/4: My Backyard is the Center of the Universe: Ancient observation techniques at my own Astronomical Observatory in Kustavi, Finland. 
  4. 4/4: Deeper and Deeper Into the Astronomical Rabbit Hole. A Year of Research on Archaeoastronomy and the Connection of Astronomy to Ancient Civilizations.
 Comet Catalina (C/2013 US10) 
  1. CometCatalina (C/2013 US10). Revisit of past year astrophotography in Moroccan Sahara desert. 

Comet Catalina (C/2013 US10).


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