26 January 2012

STORY 3D MODELS: Solar System, Sun-Moon, Astrology EASY, FUN AND FOR EVERYONE

Solar System credit: Indiegogo/Sunaeon
Here we are Wednesday around 10 o'clock at night, the Sun is furiously storming the Earth and we have the opportunity to see Northern lights. In a genius inspiration, I call my dad and tell him to get dress and that we are going to "hunt" for Auroras Borealis. 5 minutes later I am at his doorstep picking him up for a short ride to the place where there are "packs" of Northern lights.

In the car, he starts to ask me about the stars and the universe. To my best of knowledge, I try to answer his questions fairly and in a novice way for him to understand (wich was hard, because I was tempted to start from the very begining to get the story straight) Anyway! We discused this and that and at one point he wanted to know if there where 3D models of Our Sun revolving around other Planets, Solar systems spinning about our Moon, Planet Earth shown from a distance, but still from a point of view of an observer from his recliner chair in his living room...
I said: WHAT!!???!??!!
Sun Moon credit: Indiegogo/Sunaeon
I was so confused I started to laugh and told him that bit by bit, slowly he will understand the secrets of Astronomy. At the same time in my head I was looking for a good 3D model of the Solar System, because even if he was all mixed up in his planets and moons, I understood what he was looking for. So I promised I would find a "Simple, Easy, Fun" 3D model of the Solar system on the internet that he could look at on his recliner chair all by himself.

This is so exciting! I searched the web and the first thing I found was these guys in Bratislava Indiegogo who had this incredible project: Unconvencional Educational Portal *SunAeon* and these awesome easy to use 3D models. Solar System Scope, Sun-Moon Scope and Astrology Scope. It was perfect! That was it! My old papa could have all his answers and more with these models.

Astrology credit: Indiegogo/Sunaeon
I urge you to discover these models and enjoy them. I sure will! Like I told my dad on the phone when he said to me that there where clouds in the sky and there would be nothing to see, I said: You never know what you will discover and you will never know if you missed something before you miss it... So here we are with new models in our pockets and a better understanding of Astronomy.

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