Astronomy trip to the Sahara, Southern Morocco 2014

Follow the complete travel post series on my Astronomy trip to the Moroccan Sahara in December 2014. 10 small articles for you to read and enjoy. Travel and study Astronomy at the same time, how refreshing.

Read the series of 10 articles bellow.
  1. Preparations for our Astronomy Club Toutatis Expedition in the Moroccan Sahara desert 
  2. Astronomy Expedition in the Sahara, Southern Morocco 2014
  3. Meteorite hunting on ancient Trans-Saharan trade route
  4. Astrophotography Session @ Sahara Sky Observatory, 10 days of shooting the Universe
  5. Archeoastronomy: 5000 years old PETROGLYPHS site @ Ait Ouazik, Southern Morocco
  6. Stargazing in one of the best night sky in the World. The Sahara Sky observatory
  7. Celestial objects out of my reach, not anymore!
  8. Long Exposure Pinhole Camera Project @ Sahara Sky observatory
  9. Astronomy club of Marrakesh. Where it all happens!
  10. Culturally speaking! Local culture in our Astronomy trip to the Sahara, Southern Morocco

All pictures are credited: S. Lamoureux/KTY Toutatis.
This is all part of the public outreach of Astronomy Club Toutatis, Kustavi, Finland.