24 April 2011

ISS-trail and Saturn in my backyard

ISS-trail and Saturn (Most up dot in the picture)

Hello everyone!
Like I posted yesterday on this blog, the International Space Station was in the neighborhood tonight and I manage to take a picture of the thing speeding at 27,000 km/h. This ISS-trail is a 30 second shot from my backyard and it includes the planet Saturn and the Star Spica (α Vir). It moved from right to left (on the image) and disappeared in the shadow of the Earth. This just took a minute or so, but it was a fabulous moment.

For all you who missed it tonight, it will be back tomorrow night and for a couple of nights more. So just head outside and look at the southern skies. Let your imagination go wild and take a snapshot of this man made bright object. Enjoy!
See two photos of the ISS-trail in Astrophotography page HERE --->

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

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