13 February 2014

Follow our Astronomy trip through Cambodia!

2 picture composition: Buddhist deity in Starry night sky
Credit: Astronomy club Toutatis/S. Lamoureux
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  I traveled to Cambodia to see how much people knew about astronomy. I observed the quality of the night sky for stargazing and did some cool astronomy projects.

I explored 6 different astronomy topics that I will discuss in a serie of 6 posts here on Links Through Space. Follow us in our Astronomy trip through Cambodia and enjoy the posts and pictures.
As I was traveling in Cambodia with a friend to visit his family, I incorporated my hobby into the trip and had a specific question in mind: Is there Astronomy in Cambodia?

Before going to Cambodia, I made some research on the Internet about contacts and activities surrounding astronomy in Cambodia. To my surprise, the search didn’t make fruit. I literally found nothing.
After many e-mails to Universities in Phnom Penh and other institutions, I finally got a message from a teacher who knew someone into astronomy. I was excited to finally have a contact on the academic side of the matter.

This was just the first part of the Astronomy trip to Cambodia. I had in mind to do a couple of projects involving astronomy. Here are the projects I have invested in.
1) Is there Astronomy in Cambodia?
2) Assessments of the night sky seeing and light pollution in visited places in Cambodia.
3) Ancient Astronomy, Angkor Wat, City built with astronomical measurements to mimic the Gods in the Universe.
4) Southern night sky stars and constellations. A delight for us living in Finland.
5) Chasing the Green Flash. Catch on film the last moments of the setting Sun.
6) Cambodia 2014: Astronomy trip through photos

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  1. Hi, very good article, I will be in Cambodia this August, do you have any council for stars potography? Is it dangerous to stay outside at night?