23 December 2013

Astronomy club's 6 months Pinhole Solargraph revealed. Great experience!

6 months pinhole camera revealing Sun's arcs in the sky.
Credit: KTY Toutatis / S. Lamoureux
Astronomy Club Toutatis.
Kustavi, Finland

As the winter solstice arrived, it was time to open the long awaited Pin hole camera hanging from my balcony.

Back in June 2013 we made a Solargraph using an empty film roll can with a pinhole and photographic paper inside. The exposure time was 6 months! 

You see on the picture bright lines of "light". These bright lines are the Sun in it's path in the sky.
The highest arcs were traced by the summer sun of June 2013. The lowest arc was made by the sun on December 20th 2013, on the winter solstice. Occasional gaps in the bright lines are caused by clouds that blocks the Sun.

Pinhole Camera battered by weather.
This experience was pretty cool! In the Summer I watched as the camera was hanging from my balcony and wonder what will the photo look like after 6 months. After a while I forgot about it and from time to time, the camera popped into my head and I get all excited to open it in December. Now that December has arrived, I can tell you that 6 months have passed really quickly. 

Next generation of Pinhole camera for 6 months exposure.
For the year 2014, I have made 2 new Solargraphs (Pinhole camera).
One camera is at our Astronomy club's balcony and the other one is on my home balcony 60 km apart looking both Southern direction. 
This time I didn't use a camera roll can, but instead a soda can with a bigger photographic paper inside. 
Here are some links for doing your own Solargraph.

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