15 August 2016

THE AGE OF ASTRONOMY. 4/7 Artifacts: Nebra sky disk 1600BC

Ancient Astronomy Series: THE AGE OF ASTRONOMY. 4/7. Artifacts: Nebra sky disk 1600BC.

What is the age of Astronomy? How old is it? Can we find some tangible evidence of it's age?
Many clues can be found in almost all civilisations on Earth before us.
In this mini series of articles we will establish the chronology of astronomy with astronomical relics, instruments, artefacts, alignments, maps, references and places in ancient periods pinpointing exacly in time, the age of Astronomy.

Ancient Astronomy Series. List of the articles.
    1/7 Instruments: NASA's STEREO mission. Predicting the Sun's activities. 2006AD
    2/7 : Relics: Abù Bakr Ibn Yùsuf's medieval Moroccan astrolabes. 1216AD
    3/7: Places: El Caracol, Mayan Observatory. 906AD
    4/7: Artifacts: Nebra sky disk of North Germany. 1600BC
    5/7: Astronomical References: The scarab and the Dung beetle. 1813BC
    6/7: Alignments: Megaliths of Carnac, France. 3300BC
    7/7: Maps: Prehistoric Starmap. 10500BC