05 March 2017

2017 brings a new Youtube channel: LINKS THROUGH SPACE. Join me!

Links Through Sapce Youtube channel c2017

Hello everyone,
My name is Stefan Lamoureux, I am the president of the Astronomy Club Toutatis. I am based in Kustavi Finland. What I do is travel the world to visit the astronomy scene and write about it in my blog.
What is the astronomy scene? Well, it's visits to world class observatories, visits to local astronomy clubs, Expeditions to archaeoastronomical sites and of course meet on site with amateurs and professionals astronomers. A way to learn astronomy, but all over the globe. Have a look at my travels so far, visit my youtube channel and support me in my travels on Patreon.

Contributions like yours will boost our public outreach in astronomy, upgrade equipment, help cover travel costs and provide us with better educational materials to showcase.   

This time around, I ask your help to contribute to cost of my plane ticket to my next archaeoastronomical site: Egypt: An expedition in Egyptian ancient astronomy along the Nile river.
Play this video and see what it is all about.

Video Introduction of Links Through Space.

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