24 March 2017

Following Venus: Phases of Venus as a Evening Star

Phases of Venus as a evening star. Date, Phase and Apparent diameter.
Credit: S. Lamoureux/ KTY Toutatis
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Following Venus! On my way to a full circle, half way through. I followed Venus coming from behind the Sun to in front of the Sun (Evening Star). Now to wake up in the morning and follow Venus from in front of the Sun to behind of the Sun (Morning Star). Enjoy!

Tomorrow 25.03.2017 is the inferior conjunction of Venus with us Earth. It will pass the Sun for 8 days and will pop back the other side to climb the phases back to a "full" Venus behind the Sun.

We will be able to see Venus on the 07.04.2017 very near the Sun just before it rises (Elongation of the Sun of +20 degr.) It will complete a full circle (orbit) on new year day 01.01.2018 when it will be at superior conjunction from Earth.

Until then I will follow the planet Venus in the mornings and compile a picture similar to this one above, but on the right side of the Sun, i.e Venus the morning star.

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