Astronomy Trip: Andalusia, Spain 2012

Alberto Romero and me
Astronomy Club Hercules, Càdiz, Spain
The Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy
San Fernando (Càdiz), Spain
Follow our astronomy club in Andalusia, Spain in 2012, where we tracked the best astronomers in the region. A series of posts on Spanish Astronomy, Alberto romero the man from Cadiz and Martin Jelinek Gamma Ray Bursts expert.

  1. SPAIN: Follow our Astronomy Club Toutatis in Spain
  2. SPAIN: Links Through Space Astronomy Club in Cai Picha!
  3. SPAIN: Astronomy Club Hercules, Cádiz
  4. SPAIN: The Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy, ROA!
  5. SPAIN: Marbella; Where the Old meets the New
  6. SPAIN: Astronomy club's New Astrophotos
  7. SPAIN: In search of Gamma Ray Bursts in Andalucia with project BOOTES
 Photos gallery Astronomy Trip to Spain HERE.

Martin Jelínek and me
at the Observatory BOOTES 2

Night sky aver Marbella (Andalucia), Spain

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