19 March 2012

SPAIN: Links Through Space Astronomy Club in Cai Picha!

Cadiz, Spain 18.03.2012
Star trail of the night sky looking South-West
The thick line at right lower corner is Venus
credit: KTY Toutatis Astronomy Club
(Click photo to enlarge)
Cadiz, Spain. On this Monday 19.03.2012 in Cadiz we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution of 1812. It is all in music and events. Today we are expecting to have the visit of King Juan Carlos I of Spain. The people are very excited as we asked them about the event.
For Us at the Astronomy Club it is not so good as all the places and sites are closed for the Bicentennial.
We still are waiting for a reply from the Observatory of the San Fernando Armada and a call from the local Astronomy Club of Cadiz.

So it brings us to take pictures of the night sky from our roof terrace in the middle of the old town. The picture you see at the left is a picture taken from more then 900 shots and put in a single star trail picture of the night sky. At the right lower corner the thick line is Venus and just below it is Jupiter.
We have more astrophotos of our travels HERE.

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Wiki info: Juan Carlos I of Spain
               Spanish Constitution of 1812

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