21 March 2012

SPAIN: Astronomy club Hercules, Cadiz

Alberto Romero, President of the Association of Astronomy
of Cadiz (Agrupación Astronómica de Cádiz) and me.
credit: KTY Toutatis Astonomy Club

Cadiz, Spain. I had the pleasure to interview Alberto Romero, the president of the Association of Astronomy of Cadiz. The Association bears the name Hercules as the Constellation and according to Greek legend, the founder of the city of Cadiz, Romero tells me.

The Association of Astronomy of Cadiz is founded in 2003 and counts 68 members as of 2012. During these past 9 years, the Astronomy Club Hercules has had many events and projects. Every Friday they have astronomy courses for all at a high school in the center of the city, IES Columela high school. In the summer time on Saturdays they have public observations on the well known Plaza de las Estrellas, also in the center of the city. The association tries as much as possible to organise observation nights out of the city in the surrounding mountains, but have transportation and schedule difficulties says Romero.

The Astronomy Club Hercules provides their own telescopes for the observation sessions. You can find in their "armada" of equipment the Meade Lightbridge Dobsonian 16 " monster or an easier telescope Dobson 200mm among others. Night sky viewing is a big part of the observation sessions, but astrophotography is also popular amongst the members.

The Association of Astronomy of Cádiz is also part of a larger web of Astronomical association. It is part of a project called the "Red Andaluza de Astronomía" (Web of associations of Astronomy of Andalucia). This is an effort to promote and engage people from the region of Andalucia  to Astronomy events and projects.

Cadiz at Sunset on the day of the Spring Equinox
credit: KTY Toutatis Astronomy Club
For the future, the Astronomy Club Hercules here in cadiz continues to promote Astronomy within the city. Organises events and courses for all those interested in Astronomy and even put together special projects with other associations of Astronomy.
Alberto Romero and I where eager to start a special project of our own, between our Astronomy Clubs and our members. 

Thank you for the Association of Astronomy of Cadiz and especially to Alberto Romero for his kindness and his hospitality.

You can find the Astronomy Club Hercules web site HERE (only in spanish)

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Clear skies!

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