11 December 2010

Astrophoto suggest an anomality in Time/Space fabric

HEQ5/ SWExplorer 200/ Canon 1000D/ 6" ISO 1600
11.12.2010 Astrophoto
suggest an  anomality in Time/Space fabric

This Astrophoto suggest a migration of the star Cluster Pleiades. It seems that all the stars in the Cluster has shifted simultaniously, this may have been caused by a time/space anomality altering the gravitational pull of the Stars in question.
Gravitational intermingling between Stars has been a real challenge for Astronomers since the beginning of the understanding.
As some say, Dark Matter could play a role in the gravitational effects of the Star Cluster.

READ:Link for Dark Matter ---> WIKI
TV: Yuotube, Educational ---> TV (6 min)

Writer for KTY Toutatis
Stan Paquette,
Medicine Hat, Alberta.Ca

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