04 June 2012

TRANSIT of VENUS 2012! We arrived at Enontekiö

The happy bunch
04.06.2012 Enontekiö, Finland

We arrived in Lappland in the village of Hetta in the early hours of the morning. The Sun had only set for an hour before it rose again and started our day at 03h40 in the morning. It was the shortest night I have ever experience.

We slept into the next day and woke up to a fabulous landscape. The "Midnight" Sun was shining and the village was buzzling with people.

After a good breakfast, we headed to our observation place and looked for the best possible place for the seeing of the Transit and a good place to set camp and fishing grounds.

So here we are now sipping tea and wondering about tomorrow...
The Transit of Venus 2012 has begun!

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Enontekiö, Finland

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