30 August 2011

Lightning storm in Kustavi, Finland

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Hello everybody!
These days are very cloudy here in Kustavi (southern Finland) where I live. There is not much to see in the sky astronomy wise. It is very dark and quiet.

Rain is pouring from the sky and yesterday a thunderstorm started to roar and the lightnings started to appear.
Laying on my sofa because of the flu, I was looking through my window and I was wondering if I could capture a picture of a lightning...

So here you can see on the above picture the result of an attempt to catch one. I was very surprised and my girlfriend excited to the point that she wanted to restart her hobby in photography. Here is a link to interesting facts about lightnings you can read on this slow rainy day. HERE --->

Wiki-info as well: Thunderstorm

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

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