22 October 2011

Time Lapse Through Space: Pleiades Sisters chasing Jupiter in meteor shower

Hello everyone!
This time on Links Through Space we concocted a time lapse of the Pleiades (the seven sisters) chasing Jupiter in the night sky all during the Orionids meteor shower. You can see meteors, Jupiter and the Pleiades dashing through the sky! Many airplanes fly in the neighborhood too.
Video by Tapani Isomäki and music by Kevin MacLeod

This is best seen in HD. Switch to 1080p in the bottom of the video frame. 
This is a Time Lapse of 436 shots packed in 1:05 minutes of pure chase in the celestial vault. Look how Jupiter tip toes away from the following Pleiades.
Canon 550D/ tripod/ 18mm/ ISO 1600/ exp: 436x30s./ Interval: 15s. 
EOS utilities/ Resized and animated on Photoshop.

You can watch more Timelapses from our Astronomy Club Toutatis HERE

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