17 October 2011


1st picture of Jupiter with Meade ETX-70
Hello everyone!
Yesterday I gave it a shot and went to one of my favorite places to view the night sky near the city of Turku where i live when i am at work. At Haunistenallas (artificial lake Hauninen) the sky was clear and I had a chance to set up my Meade ETX-70.
I had it set up with my canon 550D for a positive projection type of astrophotography (camera connected to eyepiece in adapter connected to telescope). It was a real challenge but I manage to take a few shots and then just to see how far I can go I added a 3x barlow lens to the set up.

I have to say, the Meade ETX-70 is to small to have a heavy load like it. The clamps dont hold anymore. never the less, I took this image of Jupiter that I processed in gimp and enlarged at 150%. Not really a sharp picture, but you can still notice the bands on the surface of the planet.
All in all it was a good experience and I am happy with my first picture of Jupiter in my Meade ETX-70.
Here are the specs of the shot: Meade ETX-70/ Canon 550D (positve projection) 25mm/ISO 800/ exp:1/160/processed Gimp.

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

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