17 November 2011

Leonids meteor shower tomorrow night 17-18.11.2011

Radiant of the leonids in the constellation of Leo
The Leonids are coming!
The meteor shower is expected to be at its peek at the early morning of the 17-18.11.2011.
Leonid meteor shower is a very elegant heritage relics from comet Temple-Tuttle. The Earth will cross the remain of the comet and this fenomena will bring the meteor shower.
In 1966 the Leonids meteor shower was a meteor storm and the observers that witnessed it said there where more "shooting stars" in a minute that they could count.
Hopefully this year will bring the same meteor storm.
To see the meteor shower you only need good cloths, your eyes, good company and hot chocolat coco.
Go outside and see if you can catch one of the Leonids. Good luck!

wiki: Leonids meteor shower

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

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