11 December 2011

CONCLUSION: Moon eclipsed by clouds in southern Finland

Full Moon /Credit: KTY Toutatis
Conclusion: The lunar eclipse of december 10, 2011 was under cloud cover.
For us here in southern Finland, the clouds took over the sky and we had no chance to see the eclipse.

Many people included me had set up there cameras and telescopes to capture the event.
Personally I was trying to find a higher spot and see where there would be an opening in the clouds, but without success! I decided to cruise around the city in my car to find high grounds that had a view on the east (north-east) but clouds where everywhere.

It was a major disappointment even though it was known that yesterday would be snowy and cloudy.
I guess we have to be content with photos and videos from all around the world and enjoy them for this time.
Next time as we meet with a lunar eclipse in a couple of year we hope to have clear skies and nice warm weather.
Now lets try to capture some shooting stars, as the Geminids are coming into town. The Geminids meteor shower is expected to be at its peak between the 13-14 of december.
Read more on the geminids HERE >>>
Good luck!

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