31 December 2012

Sahara Sky Hotel Observatory, Sahara desert, Morocco

The Sahara Sky Hotel, Sahara desert, Morocco
Credit: Stefan Lamoureux / Astronomy club Toutatis
 December, Sahara desert, Morocco

For all of you who are serious stargazers, amateur astronomers or even professionals in the space domain, The Sahara Sky hotel is the place to be.

This fabulous Hotel situated in the middle of the desert with nothing around it except for a couple of local tent settlements and a big dune, is completely isolated from the world. This Moroccan style "fortress" called Kasbah is a very inviting building. The high sealings and the large rooms (dinner room, bar and study) are majestic and you feel in a royal palace type of rooms. On the second floor you find cozy rooms with terraces on a breath taking panorama view of the Sahara desert landscape.

We arrived at night and the night sky just blew out our minds. But the next morning when I opened the balcony doors, It stroke me silly the view out into nothing, only sand and table top mountains (highlands) and sand and more nothingness. I really had to look a couple of time outside to believe where i was. Just crazy!

This hotel in the middle of the desert is not only a hotel, it is also the first private observatory of North-Africa. On the hotel roof terrace, many high end telescopes are at the disposition of clients if they wish so. Great quality telescopes and fair accessories with GOTO technology to enhance the experience.

Fritz Gerd Köring
Sahara Sky hotel, Morocco
To top it all out, the owner and founder of the Sahara sky observatory and Sahara Sky hotel is a true astronomer and friendly man named Fritz Gerd Köring. You are curious about astronomy? You want a great mentor to teach and show you the ropes in a class 1 environment of night sky observations, he is your man!
This man is incredible, the knowledge he has on astronomy and the vibrant way he tell it is just contagious. He bursts with energy when he speaks about astronomy, you immediately feel it. His passion straight away robes on you.

Mr Köring as he mentioned is a nomad by nature. At a young age he started to travel and see the world. He worked all over the planet in the animal health industry . As his nomadic nature took over he moved on and travel the world to America to make his fortune. Like he says it is not the money that is important, it is what you want to do with it. He built his Observatory and that  is more than all the money he could have, says Mr. Köring.

Now retired Mr. Köring lives with his wife half of the year in Casablanca and the rest of the year in his fortress of solitude in the Sahara desert. He still has many projects he wants to work on, and by the looks of it, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Thank you very much for your hospitality Fritz! Your place is simply magical. An amateur astronomer like me dream come true!

Please visit the Hotel website HERE.
Please visit Sahara Sky Observatory (first private Observatory in North-Africa) HERE
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