10 December 2011

Want to measure the moon's diameter?

Want to Measure the Moon? Click here
Are you planning on watching the lunar eclipse today Saturday, December 10?
Would you like to try your hand at doing something new and unusual, like measuring the Moon?
Then join the The Classroom Astronomer (TCA) magazine effort by using time-honored techniques – with a modern twist! Step inside and we’ll tell you where to get the information on how it’s done...

The International Measure The Moon Night is coordinated by The Classroom Astronomer Magazine, which is based in Marietta, GA USA. The publisher of the magazine is Dr. Larry Krumenaker.

The website "measure the Moon" is an simple-educational-fun way for you to find out with real professional methods the distance (from Earth) and size of the Moon. This experiment should be very gratifying, having measured by yourself the size of the Moon. Two options are open to you; the shadow method and the lunar parallax method. For the Lunar parallax method you need to take pictures of the lunar eclipse and cross reference them with counterparts around the world. The International Measure The Moon Night event brings together people from all around the world for an experience you will never forget.
Visit the website measurethemoon and be part of the bigger picture.
Have fun!

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