24 February 2012

VENUS2012! It is begun... The phases of Venus: Gibbous Venus 67%

 - The Phases of Venus -
This Picture of Venus (lower dot) and Jupiter (higher dot) was taken on the 21.02.2012 at 17:07UT in Turku Finland. You can clearly see Venus disk in a shape of a lemon rather than a ball like Jupiter's disk. (Click photo to enlarge)
On the night of the 21 of February Venus was 67% of Full and it is decreasing until it finally passe straight in front of the Sun, hence new Venus as in new Moon, therefore the transit of Venus of June 5-6 2012.

Gibbous Venus 67% of full 21.02.2012 Turku, Finland  credit: KTY Toutatis
Picture specs:
Canon 550D 18mm
f/3.5  1/4sec ISO 3200
Tripod on a fairly windy night

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wikiinfo: Phases of Venus

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