05 February 2012

LISTEN TO ASTRONOMY.FM RADIO on the net, Astronomy for your Ears!

ASTRONOMY.FM, Back on track and Alive for 2012!
I have listen to for 2 days strait and followed their Fun(d)-raiser and gladly saw that they have reach there goal. Congratulation!
Congratulation for Astronomy in general in my opinion. As I was listening to the programs, I was mesmerized and sticked to the radio channel for 2 days strait!
Here is what radio had to say about there success:

"THANK YOU to everyone who supported our 2012 Fundraiser. Whether you donated  funds or spread the word, your efforts are exactly what will keep us on the air for another year, and we appreciate that more than words can express. Moving forward, we will continue to grow AFM*Radio, bringing you even more programs, continued website development, and greater communication. Together, with your support and our team, we are sharing the wonders of the Universe all around the world – and that is a beautiful thing!"

Thank you
Keep up the good work!