01 February 2012

Northern Lights with my Dad!!!

Northern Lights in Turku, Southern Finland © KTY Toutatis
The famous Northern Lights hit Turku, Finland once again this year on the 30.01.2012.
The phenomena was low at the horizon and did not have an intense glow to it, but we still captured it on camera. You can see on the picture on both edges of the photo there is a yellowish light, these lights are the airport and the city in the background.
The hazy green light are the Northern Lights in the middle.
With the Sun in a raging mood, we can expect to see more Aurore Borealis.
For my father, it was the first time he saw Northern Lights, but he didn't seem so excited as I imagined. With all the superb really beautiful pictures on the Internet it is hard to please the real-life-people. Don't give up Dad, we will see more glamorous Aurores next time!
Here is a link to where you can find out when the Sun send his raging coronal mass ejections to Earth.

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