14 April 2012

SPAIN: Last Post of this fabulous Journey into Spanish Astronomy

Harlem Globe Mooner
credit: KTY Toutatis Astronomy Club
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Kustavi, Finland
As our voyage drew to it's end, we slowly easy into our daily routine. The Astronomy Club Toutatis reflects on the beautiful and memorable moments abroad and wish to thank everybody who where kind enough to show us around Astronomy in Spain.
A special Thanks to Mr. Alberto Romero at Astronomy Club Cádiz, Mrs. Cristina Pita guide at ROA and Mr. Miguel Vallejo Carrión assistant director of ROA, the Royal Institute and Observatory of the Spanish Navy and Mr. Martin Jelínek at the BOOTES project in Málaga. Hope to see you soon in joint projects.

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HERE are the last astrophotographies of our voyage, hope you enjoyed our journey through Spain. It was very nice that you could join us.