24 May 2012

VENUS 2012! From our Astronomy Club here in Kustavi, Finland

Phases of Venus. Fortnight 05-19.05.2012
credit: KTY Toutatis Astronomy Club
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Kustavi, Finland
On this picture you can see 3 different phases of Venus throughout the month of May 2012.
These shots of Venus were taken with a SkyWatcher 8" Reflector on a HEQ5 mount. The Synscan GO TO, Camera Canon 550D + Positive projection T-adapter. 4mm eyepiece and Barlow x2.
All in all we stood at x500 of magnification.

The seeing is not the sharpest, but you can still see the spiky crescent ends at each phases.
On this photo you can clearly see the planet getting bigger (or closer to us). Theses pictures of Venus are all the same size with the telescope configuration.

The bluish colors of the planet is due to the set up on my camera with "white balance" set to Tungsten (+/-3200K). Also you can notice that the last crescent of Venus of the picture has a bluish background, this is due to the brightness of the dawn at this period of the year.

Here are the Specs for this image:
SkyWatcher 8" Reflector / HEQ5
Barlow lens x2 (negative projection)
T-ring / T adapter for positive projection / 4mm eyepiece
Canon EOS 550D
Exposure: 1/25 to 1/4 sec.
ISO 800

Not many days to the last Transit of Venus of our time. Be prepared and get your Venus-glasses (Sun filters) on time and Enjoy the spectacle.
Here is a good Photo guide that shows you in pictures how to protect your eyes and your equipment from the Sun.

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