17 May 2012

VENUS 2012! It's phases, transit, whereabouts PART 5

Computer simulation of Phases of Venus.
20.05.2012   Phase: 0.085  Diameter: 51.0"
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This week end - May 20, 2012
As the Annular Solar eclipse hit between Asia and America, Those of us who can not see the eclipse are still having eyes on Venus.
On May 20 18h35 UT, Venus will be at Phase 0.085, standing below 10% of illumination. This wide crescent viewed in telescopic view is impressive. We at the Astronomy club here in Finland we have followed Venus throughout the Spring time up to here. It is fascinating to see the changes in Size and in Shape of the Planet viewed by us here on Earth.
Here is the link to see the Computer simulation of the Phases of Venus in any given day of the year.

In a personal note I watch Venus through our mobile Skywatcher 200p/ HEQ 5/ Canon 550D and different kind of eyepieces. Maximum of Magnitude 500x (BarlowX2-4mm eyepiece-T ring Canon 550D). For those of you who has a telescope, now is the time to stare at the most brightest spot in the sky. Before Sunset look to the west and search for the first "star" to appear. This will be Venus. Set your finder scope manually on Venus and work your way up to capture beautiful moments in time. 
Here is the most recent picture of Venus I took on the night of May 15 2012. The disk was a thin crescent shape of +/-13% of illumination with a diameter of 47,4". Picture bellow.
Telescopic view Mag 500x canon 550D
15.05.2012    Phase: 0.131   Diameter 47.4"

credit: KTY Toutatis Astronomy Club
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Annular Solar eclipses, Planet phases and transits, Comets, Meteor showers or Galaxy viewed through a telescope. The Universe is moving and buzzing around us. The possibilities are infinite (in our personal life-span).

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Enjoy the night sky. Clear skies!

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