12 June 2012

Transit of Venus 2012: The Conclusion

Transit of Venus 2012
Credit: Janne Leppäkoski
12.06.2012 Kustavi Finland                                                           

The Transit of Venus 2012 comes to an end for our Astronomy Club Toutatis. We took lots of pictures of many stages of the event including phases and whereabouts of the Planet. Starting with Venus slowly going towards the Sun and achieving its phases to the Transit of our Sun's disk. we took the time to follow Venus for almost half a year until this June, we hope to follow it again as it starts it's phases on the other side of the Sun. As a morning star I guess.

Here at the bottom you can see our latest short videos of the view from our telescope. On the first video, you can see the Sunspots in the middle of the Sun just before they sink into the clouds. The second video is also the Transit of Venus from our telescope 8" reflector.
This shot is with a canon 550D prime focus through a X2 Barlow to the scope. The last video is Us setting the camp with the telescope and the tent. :) 

Hope you have enjoyed the experience of Venus and it's transit as much as we did. We want to thank everybody involved in this fabulous journey through Space. Thank you!

Transit of Venus with Sunspots 1493 and 1496

Transit of Venus in clouds

Setting up the camp

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