08 July 2012

From One Star to Another!

Stars within 50 Light Years from the Sun (click to Enlarge)

As the Stars are being scrutinized in greater details for neighbouring planetary systems, the question arise <<Where are all these Stars and can I look at them through my telescope?>>

Of course you will not see the companion planets around the Star, but you can still see the light of the Star shinning strait through the telescope into your eyes and imagine the planet surrounding the Star.

On the picture you can see Stars within 50 Light Years from our Sun.

Here is a example of a Star within 50 Lys, 55 Cancri in the constellation Cancer. This Star system has already 5 confirmed planets in it. Wikipedia HERE

You can see the full list of Stars and its properties HERE.

As you look through your telescope tonight at these Stars, think that maybe someone or something is looking back at you. A little bit of action in your observation session tonight!
Good luck and clear skies!

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