22 September 2012

International Observe the Moon Night, Tonight!

We believe in the inspirational power of the Moon — a celestial body that has influenced human lives since the dawn of time. International Observe the Moon Night has created the opportunity for people to take notice of the Moon’s beauty and share that experience with one another. Through International Observe the Moon Night, we hope to instill in the public a sense of wonderment and curiosity about our Moon. Our partnerships enable us to stay up to date with the latest and greatest scientific discoveries about Earth’s nearest neighbor, and we strive to bring those discoveries to the public.

The International Observe the Moon Night Team consists of scientists, educators, and Moon enthusiasts from government, non-profit organizations, businesses throughout the United States and across the globe and of course YOU!

Tonight is a great night to observe the Moon. This year the Moon is at first quarter, which means you can see some nice details on the face of the Moon. The Terminator, where the light side and the shadow side meets, you can see great features of the Moon. The next days are good as well until the full Moon on September 29, which will be the harvest Moon. You can observe the Moon with your naked eyes, binoculars or telescope. In telescopes you can see tremendous amounts of details on craters and ridges on the face of the Moon. With binoculars also you can see great features. With the naked eye, as you know, the Moon does not  reveal many features, but still can give you a general idea of what is going on. The best way to observe the Moon is with friends. Get together in your neighborhood, park or in a dark place outside of the city, make this an event with hot coco and a "nocturnal pic-nic". The important is to have fun and for that the Moon is a great celestial body to observe.

Visit the International Observe the Moon Night web site HERE for more information on event around you.
Link on Wikipedia for the Moon HERE


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  2. Thanks FriskyBrainiac! I am always serious about astronomy, that is why i will stay more amateurish and "astronomy club" fashion blogger. For everyone to try. Catch me on google + +stefan Lamoureux.