16 January 2013

Opening of Space Exhibition in Turku, Finland

Space Exhibition 2013 Turku, Finland
Space Exhibition opening @ LATTE cafe in Turku, Finland.
Lots of friends and family, good snacks and great show!

The exhibition has a main gallery room, an Ultra-violet room and an interactive room. The Main room is full of pictures from our astronomy trips and other events of the astronomy club. The UV room is filled with posters of space. The interactive room has a Moon-carpet where people can "stand on the Moon". Also on the wall you can draw the Universe with coal sticks. Also you find a radio with CD of sounds of Jupiter and the cosmos.

The Space Exhibition is up until February 15, 2013 @ LATTE cafe (Kristiinankatu 5) Turku, Finland. Here is the page Facebook for those interested in seeing more pictures and info of the event.

Opening of the Space Exhibition, Turku, Finland
Thank's to everyone who came to see us and support us. We surely appreciate it and looking forward to seeing the new members in our future astronomy club Toutatis events.

Preparing the Space exhibition (Go Essi!)

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