18 February 2013

Suprise conjunction with the Moon, Jupiter and HIP 21517

Conjunction with the Moon, Jupiter and HIP 21517
(Click on picture to enlarge and see the supergiant HIP 21517
Left bottom of the Moon)
This Sunday we had the conjunction between our Moon and Jupiter. Many people had good weather and some of us (including me) had cloud weather. You can find many pictures of the conjunction on Space weather.

Today I manage to see the Moon and Jupiter through the thin clouds. The conjunction was great,but as I crop the picture in editing I found a "bright" star near the Moon. So this picture shows a conjunction with the Moon, Jupiter and HIP 21517 (HD 29260).

HD 29260 or HIP 21517 is a white supergiant star in the constellation Taurus. It shines at an apparent visual magnitude of 6.49. It an intrinsic variable star that varies between magntitudes 6.49 and 6.83 over a period of 3.15 days.
Sky position: RA 4h 37.2m, Dec +18° 32.4'
Common designations: HIP 21517, HD 2926

White Supergiant HIP 21517 near the Moon.
prtScn @ Stellarium

Great to be outside and take shots of the night sky. Clear skies! 

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