11 February 2013

Near-Earth Asteroid brush past Earth in record close flyby on Feb. 15 2013

Asteroid 2012 DA14 Close flyby seen from Turku, Finland
Map of the sky and location of the Asteroid
Click on picture to see where is the Asteroid in your location
Asteroid 2012 DA 14 is a near-Earth Asteroid. This space rock is about 50 meters in diameter (160 ft) and an estimated mass of 180,000 metric tons.

The asteroid will pass 27,700 km (17,200 mi) from the surface of Earth. It's closest approach will be from the center-point of Earth only of 34,100 km. The 2013 passage of 2012 DA14 by Earth is a record close approach for a known object of this size.
The risk of a collision with Earth is none. Asteroid 2012 DA14 will not impact Earth.
This event gives professional and amateur astronomers a like a great chance to study this Asteroid. The chance to see how space rocks passes us real close.

Here in the South of Finland, we will be attempting to locate it and take a picture of it. We hope the weather will be on our side.
Good luck if you are chasing the Asteroid, please post some pictures and timelapses of the event.

Read a great post HERE of David Dickinson on Universe Today that tells you how to view the Asteroid.
On heavens Above you can find the Asteroid trajectory for your location HERE
Wikipedia link: Asteroid 2012 DA14

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