29 July 2013

Carnival of Space #312 Here on Links Through Space

Welcome to Links Through Space, astronomy for everyone.
This is the blog of our Astronomy Club here in Kustavi, Finland
We write/post news about space related topics and we showcase our Astrophotos and Timelapses.
Our blog is a way for you to follow Space/Astronomy news and find new links through the Internet about Space and astronomy.
So here we have it, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Links Through Space is honored to declare the 312th Carnival of Space live from Kustavi Finland.

Here is another edition of The carnival of space. This Summer here  in Finland has been HOT! The bright nights of Summer has not given us Stars, observations is to a halt but we always have the Carnival of Space to cheer us up!

An artist's concept for a full scale Slingatron
space launcher about 200-300 meters in diameter.
The spiral track is mounted on support pylons
which contain drive motors and counterweight flywheels.
Payload assemblies are prepared for launch nearby.
@ Next Big with Brian Wang
Spacex has successfully completed mission duration tests firings of its upgraded Merlin 1D rockets in a octogonal configuration. This will increase the launch capacity to LEO of a Spacex Falcon 9.1.1 to 14.5 tons. Read the post HERE

An unmanned Russian cargo ship has docked at the International Space Station to deliver nearly 3 tons of supplie. Brian Wang post the story on Next Big Future.

Hyperv Technologies has a $250,000 kickstarter to make a 5 meter Slingatron. It will be a modular next stage in the development of a radical new launch technology. It would launch high-g payloads at very low cost. Cool! See the post HERE.

"The Day the Earth Smiled" -
The image of Earth taken from Cassini,
over 900 million miles away, on July 19, 2013.
The arrow indicates the location of the earth.
Credit: Cassini mission NASA
@ The Meridiani Journal blog with Paul Scott Anderson
Last Friday, a remarkable thing happened, which received a lot of publicity, especially for space fans: the Earth had its photo taken – from Saturn! The Cassini spacecraft took the images, which were used for The Day the Earth Smiled event, showing the Earth as a very tiny blue speck in the distance, with Saturn and its rings looming in the foreground. Zooming in closer, the Moon can also be seen. How cool is that? But that’s not all… although it didn’t seem to get as much attention, the Earth and Moon also had their picture taken from Mercury, by the MESSENGER  spacecraft, on the same day! Have a look at the pictures sent by Cassini and Messenger-->

@ Everyday Spacer with Pam Hoffman
Are you diabetic?  Or have high blood pressure?
You might be eligible for a Space Flight Research Program! For more information, read HERE

@ Cheap Astronomy blog with Steve Nerlich
New kids on the block. The Chinese and Indian  space programs are challenging and ambitious, but never the less in the game for the future players of Space exploration. Steve Nerlich has a great podcast on the subject. Have a listen!

@ Chandra blog
Chandra X-ray Observatory's 14th Anniversary: Looking Back And Looking Ahead. Great post , great future! See HERE

Exoplanet Stars As Large As Or Smaller Than Our Sun
(Yellow in center of image)
Credit: Jim Plaxco
@ Artsnova with Jim Plaxco
The Small Stars of Exoplanets takes a look at one artist's research into the painting of exoplanets. Pretty crafty, have a look!

@ Earth Science Picture of the Day
A thin Section of Allende Meteorite one of the oldest objects in the Solar system. You want old, here you have it! Earth Science Picture of the Day HERE

One of the first photos of the new supernova
Click to learn more about the search group.
Credit: Fabio Martinelli
@ Universe Today with Bob King
New Supernova discoveredin the near by Galaxy M74.
The new object, designated PSN J01364816+1545310, was discovered blazing near 12.4 magnitude by the Lick Observatory Supernova Search at Lick Observatory near San Jose, California. Read article HERE

Here in Kustavi, Finland the Astronomy Club Toutatis is hosting his summer Space Exhibition 2013. Many people has visited us and experience the exhibition. In 2 months of exhibition I had to change 4 halogen spots, 1 picture frame for the infograms, staple and fix black fabric to the walls, repair the exhibition black hole (ripped out of its socket) and change the weather station batteries. Pretty good for a +60 days exhibition of more then 100 people a day.

This week Carnival of Space #312 picture is a wide field picture of our skies in Kustavi, Finland. This picture was taking last year in the early morning with the passage of the International Space Station :D
Credit: Astronomy Club Toutatis/S. Lamoureux

So here you have it! All the thrills and excitements of the Astronomy/Space community.
The Carnival of Space #312

If you run a space/astronomy related blog, and would like to get more awareness, participate in the Carnival of Space. Every week, a different webmaster or blogger hosts the carnival, showcasing articles written on the topic of space. It’s a great way to get to know the community, and to help your writing reach a wider audience. If you’d like to be a host for the carnival, please send email to

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