07 August 2013

Motion in the night sky. First dark skies since last spring.

Animation of the Constellation Cygnus in the night sky
Credit: KTY Toutatis/ S. Lamoureux
August brings darker skies here in Finland. This last week is been exciting with dark skies and opportunities to look at the Stars.

On August 7 2013, we took a series of picture to do this short animation of the constellation Cygnus (The Swan) over our club's "headquarter" in Kustavi, Finland.

We wanted to shoot the Perseid Meteor Shower and see if there were satelites going in our field of view. We manage to capture satellite trails, but not really meteor trails.

Fall will bring us more dark skies and the club is looking forward for comet ISON in late Fall. It's good to be back outside and have a proper night sky and be able to shoot some stars.

WIKI: Constellation The Swan (Cygnus)
WIKI: Perseid Meteor Shower
WIKI: Comet ISON C/2012 S1

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