27 March 2014

Your looking for an astronomy adventure? The Maroccan Sahara desert!

Astronomy trip: Grand Evasion in the Sahara desert, Morocco 1.05-04.05.2014
Have a look instead at Astronomy Club Toutatis visit Morocco.
A series of photos/articles of the Moroccan Sahara night sky and astronomy in Morocco.

"Our partner Ali from the Astronomy club 3AM is organizing a Grand Evasion to the Sahara desert. On  May 1 to May 4 2014, he is traveling to the Moroccan Sahara to have a look at the superb night sky of that region.
They are incorporating regional sightseeing as the Kashbah of Ait Ben haddou which is a UNESCO heritage site. Camel excursions to a bivouac in the middle of the desert sounds fabulous. Also many activities concerning astronomy. Observation of the night skies with telescope and day observation of the Sun.

If you are in the neighborhood and interested to participate in this Astronomy trip. Please visit Astronomy Marrakesh 3AM and get in touch with Ali."

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