04 January 2012

Software: STELLARIUM, Home Planetarium

Stellarium, Planetarium for your computer
Happy new year 2012 to everyone!
The year 2012 for us here in Southern Finland, started with rain and storms, wind and clouds... It has been a sky watcher nightmare!
Nothing to do except collimating the scope, cleaning the oculars and see that the mount is well greased.
The Astronomy related blogs/news are also slow on the internet, the astrophotography on Flicker (for exemple) is slow aswell.
That is why I present to you a nice "home" planetarium called STELLARIUM. With this on your computer it is fun to look at what you would see in the night sky for today or tomorrow... Also for those who are more active, it is a fine tool to plan observations, find planet orbits and follow the daily moon.
Also Stellarium is a FREE software, so no fuss and easy to install, as easy to use.
Here is the link to download Stellarium software.

Clear skies for the near future and hope it helps you in the quest to enjoy your environement, space environement!

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