24 January 2012

Stunning Photos of Auroras from around the World

Auroras Borealis, Finland credit: Max Pickering
Stunning photos of Auroras Borealis from around the world.
Many had the opportunity to catch a photo of Auroras around the world, the cause of these displays was a Kp level 5.67 geomagnetic storm originating from solar activity on the 19th of January, produced visible aurorae throughout the northern hemisphere and viewers as far south as northeast England had great auroral views.

There is more to come, all indications of another blast is headed our way from the strongest solar radiation storm since September, 2005. NOAA says the storm is currently in progress and continues to get stronger, with a very fast CME headed towards Earth.
Sunspot 1402 erupted, producing a long-duration M9-class solar flare. “Geomagnetic storming is a near certainty from this event,” reported NOAA. The associated solar flare peaked at about 0400 UTC.

You can view the Stunning Photos HERE
Remember to go outside and look for the Northern Lights ( Auroras Brealis), Now is the best time to see them, as our Sun is so active. Good luck!

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