31 January 2012

In London this weekend: Jupiter, the Moon and Venus

Jupiter, the Moon and Venus in London
London, UK. Friday 28.01.2012
Middle of the city in Islington on a corner of a street, heading for Jesus Jones concert I took a nice picture of the Moon (center) with Jupiter (left) and Venus (right).
As I was explaining the Planets and the conjunction with the Moon to a couple of friends, there were a man behind me who was "breathing in my neck" so to speak. I turned around and started to explain to him also the phenomena. 
He pulled from his jacket pocket his smart phone and started this app he had. Which was an Astronomy app to pinpoint stars in the night sky. He said to me that he always had a passion for Astronomy and he was very into it!
So I dedicate this picture to my new friend in London, Simon.
It was nice to meet you and enjoy the astrophotos!
Me, Amélie and Simon the Policeman

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