01 March 2012

VENUS 2012! It's phases, transit, whereabouts PART 3

Transit of Venus in 2004
The last Transit of Venus visible to people of our time will occur  in less than 100 days. This spectacular event will be followed by many around the globe, Are you one of them? And do you want to get involved?

Here is a video-teaser of a group of people doing a documentary on "our last transit of Venus". The film project is led by Lightcurve Films (, and currently counts with the collaboration of Anton Stoelwinder Produkties (, Interstellar Studios (, Windmill Film ( and Museum Boerhaave in Leiden, the Netherlands (

As Steven Van Roode explains it "We are preparing a documentary film project around the event and on this channel you can find related videos. The film will highlight three groups of people: scientists who will observe the Transit to study Venus and exoplanets, amateurs and students who will redo the experiment of determining the size of the Solar System and profession and/or amateur historians with the intention to observe the Transit with 18th and 19th century instruments." 

our last Transit of Venus (teaser) from Lightcurve Films on Vimeo.

We are looking for further film production partners across the world and people from the three groups described above. Feel free to contact us about the project if you are interested to collaborate (
More information on the Transit of Venus 2012 and links to many other websites can be found on

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The transit of Venus project is part of the Astronomers without Borders program

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