09 March 2012

The Planet Venus and Jupiter closer and closer in the sky!

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On March 12, Look at the west just after sunset, you will see I fabulous show in the night sky.
Venus and Jupiter make their closest approach on March 12, 2012. Look west after sunset to see the two planets come within 3 degrees of each other.

This is a good time to take your love ones outside and maybe engage on taking pictures of this lovely sight.
Many of you who has the chance to be at higher grounds or beside the sea looking west, you can observe also Mercury. Mercury is relatively low in the western sky, but can be seen just after sunset.

For you people who live in the city, don't worry you don't have to go in a very remote place with dark skies to see the event. Venus and Jupiter are very bright in magnitude, they are easy to spot. Also this conjunction is better seen with the naked eye than with optical aids such as telescopes or binoculars. So grab your camera with you and your love ones and get out there and enjoy the night sky.

Clear skies and good luck!