31 August 2015

Space dishes! An Astronomy club's way to fund itself.

Space dishes. Fun way to fund own astronomy club.

As a way to fund my Astronomy Club, I made some Space dishes!
I team up with a friend of mine who is a great drawing artist to make this series.
We decided to make coffee mugs, bowls and breakfast plates.

This was a great way to collect funds for our coming events and to buy better gear for the club.
Family and friends participated and bought the dishes to help us with our hobby.

Of course I have my own set at home and it is wonderful to eat in these unique mugs and plates that remains me always of astronomy, space and beyond...

This project was facilitated by the fact that my girlfriend has a pottery shop and we could use the expertise of the workers at the shop.

I want to Thank Essi, Julia and Vesa for making this project a success, without them it would certainly have been only an idea.

Here are more pictures of the dishes.

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