30 October 2010

Just like a day at the beach

Just like a night in the clouds.

Ready as you can be, but there are no stars in the sky. 
At first you think it is the fog that is taking over for a while and a couple of minutes after a glimpse of Polaris through the "fog".

At the end you fly in your time machine into the clouds and never to be seen again.

Just a couple of cloudy nights,  does not mean you will never spend a day at the beach.
Here is a link for old school Space Shuttle Simulator ---> HERE
3,2,1... lift off!
In case you hit some clouds too!

26 October 2010

MILKY WAY to go!

Here is a couple of photos of the Milky Way.
Round and round it goes! (photo by: Uolevi Leppäkoski)
Milky Way, Original photo, no changes (photo by: Uolevi Leppäkoski)
Go everybody! Get out and enjoy the night sky!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

24 October 2010

Next Full moon is the 21 of november 2010

2010 Nov 21

Next Full moon is the 21 of november 2010.

A nice sunday night with sauna and girlfriend.

So be sure to look at the terminator on the moon the 15-17 november just before the full moon, the relief is  very impressive on photography.

Good luck and hope to hear from you.

23 October 2010

Clouds VS. Stargeezer -The first light

 Us and the scope named Kustar VI
As of yesterday, I am an amateur astronomer!
A month ago I went to my friends and said: "OK! lets go and take pictures of the night sky... for that we need a telescope and other stuff." So lets get together and buy one."

They agreed!!!

So we left to see the major astronomer association in Finland and asked for advise.

3 weeks later and lots of research on the web, we finally got our telescope and the "other stuff".
Our telescope is a Sky-Watcher Explorer-200PDS 8" Newtonian Reflector Telescope - Parabolic Primary Mirror. with a HEQ5 Pro mount.
here is a link to the Telescope specs  ---> HERE

Yesterday fighting the clouds to see the full moon and Jupiter we got these photos.

So for all you people who want to go and look at the night skies, just decide and go for it (with a little help from your friends ;) )

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

 The "howling" moon
 The moon (sharpened PS)
 Jupiter and prominent moons (right: Callisto, 1 left: Io, 2 left: Europa, 3 left: Ganymede) and lots of stars ;)

 In the field (table included)