28 December 2011

Venus and the crescent Moon in conjunction 27.12.2011

Click to enlarge /Credit: KTY Toutatis
On a see cruise back home from the Island of Åland, we had the most incredible sight in the sky.
At 17:03 Venus and the crescent Moon where in a perfect alignement. The conjunction was align also with a ship at the horizon.
On the picture you can see the Earth-light reflecting on the Moon (earthshine). Also the crescent Moon was only 10% of a new moon and at the background the Sun was setting down.
You can go and watch more Astrophotos on our Links Through Space FLICKR page

Here are the specs of this picture:
Canon 550D, 55mm lens, f.5.6, ISO 800, Exp:1/3 sec.

Wiki info: Conjunction ( astronomy and astrology)

26 December 2011

Venus and the crescent Moon in conjunction 26.12.2011

Click on picture to enlarge /Credit: KTY Toutatis
Here is a picture of Venus in conjunction with the crescent Moon. The Moon was only 4% of the new Moon.
You can see venus in the thin stripe where there is no clouds and just at the right of it is the crescent Moon (all is left of the tree).
This picture was taken on the 26.12.2011 at 17:05 (UTC+2) in Eckerö, Åland, Finland.
Me and my girlfriend went to catch this event , but when we saw the clouds, we tought it was over. but perceverance paid off and we got this unique picture of the event.

Hope you like it, you can comment also!
Cheers from the islands!

16 December 2011

Expectation zero. Comet Lovejoy still emerge from behind the Sun

 Expectation zero. Comet Lovejoy still emerge from behind the Sun
Watch this video of the comet emerging from behind the Sun.

It’s the morning after for the sungrazing Comet Lovejoy, and this feisty comet has scientists shaking their heads in disbelief. “I don’t know where to begin,” wrote Karl Battams, from the Naval Research Laboratory, who curates the Sun-grazing comets webpage. “What an extraordinary 24hrs! I suppose the first thing to say is this: I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And I have never been so happy to be wrong!”
Article by Nancy Atkinson
 Read more HERE on Universe Today>>> 

11 December 2011

CONCLUSION: Moon eclipsed by clouds in southern Finland

Full Moon /Credit: KTY Toutatis
Conclusion: The lunar eclipse of december 10, 2011 was under cloud cover.
For us here in southern Finland, the clouds took over the sky and we had no chance to see the eclipse.

Many people included me had set up there cameras and telescopes to capture the event.
Personally I was trying to find a higher spot and see where there would be an opening in the clouds, but without success! I decided to cruise around the city in my car to find high grounds that had a view on the east (north-east) but clouds where everywhere.

It was a major disappointment even though it was known that yesterday would be snowy and cloudy.
I guess we have to be content with photos and videos from all around the world and enjoy them for this time.
Next time as we meet with a lunar eclipse in a couple of year we hope to have clear skies and nice warm weather.
Now lets try to capture some shooting stars, as the Geminids are coming into town. The Geminids meteor shower is expected to be at its peak between the 13-14 of december.
Read more on the geminids HERE >>>
Good luck!

10 December 2011

Want to measure the moon's diameter?

Want to Measure the Moon? Click here
Are you planning on watching the lunar eclipse today Saturday, December 10?
Would you like to try your hand at doing something new and unusual, like measuring the Moon?
Then join the The Classroom Astronomer (TCA) magazine effort by using time-honored techniques – with a modern twist! Step inside and we’ll tell you where to get the information on how it’s done...

The International Measure The Moon Night is coordinated by The Classroom Astronomer Magazine, which is based in Marietta, GA USA. The publisher of the magazine is Dr. Larry Krumenaker.

The website "measure the Moon" is an simple-educational-fun way for you to find out with real professional methods the distance (from Earth) and size of the Moon. This experiment should be very gratifying, having measured by yourself the size of the Moon. Two options are open to you; the shadow method and the lunar parallax method. For the Lunar parallax method you need to take pictures of the lunar eclipse and cross reference them with counterparts around the world. The International Measure The Moon Night event brings together people from all around the world for an experience you will never forget.
Visit the website measurethemoon and be part of the bigger picture.
Have fun!

08 December 2011

Links Through Space 5000 VIEWS and counting, Thanks for your support!

Links through space has reached 5000 views.
Astronomy is growing all around the world and the people are interested.
Thank you for your support and be assured we will keep on taking pictures of the night sky and report astronomy related news.

For the future the Astronomy Club here in Kustavi, Finland remains open for new projects and activities concerning Astronomy that is beneficial for all. Public observations, Starclubs, DVD's and much more...

Thank you again and remember to go outside and look at the night sky, you never know what you will discover next.

07 December 2011

Geminids meteor shower from 7.12 - 14.12.2011

Shooting Stars

Its the finale of this year’s meteor showers: The Geminids will start appearing on Dec. 7 and should reach peak activity around the 13th and 14th.

This shower could put on a display of up to 100+ meteors (shooting stars) per hour under good viewing conditions.
However, conditions this year are not ideal with the presence of a waning gibbous Moon (which will be up from mid-evening until morning). But seeing meteors every few minutes is quite possible. Geminid meteors are often slow and bright with persistent coloured trails which can linger for a while after the meteor has burned up.

Here is a link for Best time to observe for Finland HERE>>
Here is a link from wikipedia: Geminids meteor shower

NEW ASTROPHOTOS from Kustavi Finland

Click to enlarge /Credit: KTY Toutatis
Tonight Observations started slowly.
First I set up my telescope to look at the Moon and right bellow it Jupiter, but then the clouds and fog came along and canceled my session.
After a while, I went back and took a couple of snapshot of the Moon's halo. It was nice because Jupiter was right bellow it and made a nice "solar system" family portrait.
Then a few hours later, I caught the Constellation Orion and Taurus with the Pleiades in a motionless sky.
You can see the new astrophotos HERE>>>

Enjoy! and remember to go outside and have a look at the night sky!

05 December 2011


Last moments of Full lunar eclipse (Penumbra stage)
Saturday 10.12.2011 ECLIPSE OF THE MOON
A total lunar eclipse will take place on December 10, 2011. It will be the second of two total lunar eclipses in 2011, the first having occurred on June 15.

For those who where there for the last eclipse in Kustavi in June, knows it is an exciting phenomena.

The greatest totality of the eclipse is at 14:31:49 UTC
(16:31:49 finnish time) 
The lunar eclipse starts as the moon rise up from the horizon (In southern Finland). The entire eclipse last for 51 minutes. From 13:33 finnish time to 16:06 finnish time.
Here is a link to see how the eclipse progress HERE>>> (source wikipedia)
Here is a link for more information on the lunar eclipse HERE>>> (source

Good luck and enjoy!