11 May 2016

09.05.2016: Transit of Mercury. 7 hours of great astronomy in broad day light!!!

The transit of Mercury viewed in Turku, Finland. A gathering between friends and family to observe this rare and beautiful astronomical event. Here are some pictures we took of the transit of Mercury 09.05.2016.


The Astronomical Association of Kustavi thanks everyone who came and had a look through the telescope and saw something wonderful.

Here are the pictures. All photos credited to The Astronomical Association of Kustavi, Finland/S.Lamoureux.

Setting Sun low at the horizon with Mercury at the bottom right of the solar disc.
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Base camp at the foot of a giant maze (Jatulin tarha) High grounds, Turku, Finland.
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The transit of Mercury at midway.
Notice the Sunspots above to the right of the planet Mercury.
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Camera with solar filters on telescope.
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Close up of base camp next to giant maze (Jatulin tarha) with telescope and solar filters.
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