14 December 2010

Astrophoto reveals lights on the Moon.

Lights on the Moon!
THE MOON, CLICK on astrophoto above.
The moon rover and the laser pointed at us we left on the moon I can believe, but source of light from the Fourth quadrant of the Moon (Southeast). It is hard to believe.

This astrophoto reveals what could be several emission of light in the vacinity of Vallis Rheita on the surface of the moon.

Lets pretend for a second that we are in the future and we have colonised the Moon. Would it look like this from Earth? Could this give a idea of how the Moon landscape can be changed by Us the Humans.

Even if this news is more on the science fiction side of it, it is none the less exciting to see lights on the Moon!!!

Have fun outside looking at the night sky and have a look at our new astrophotos in the Astrophotography section. NEW ASTROPHOTOS CLICK HERE!!!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

11 December 2010

Astrophoto suggest an anomality in Time/Space fabric

HEQ5/ SWExplorer 200/ Canon 1000D/ 6" ISO 1600
11.12.2010 Astrophoto
suggest an  anomality in Time/Space fabric

This Astrophoto suggest a migration of the star Cluster Pleiades. It seems that all the stars in the Cluster has shifted simultaniously, this may have been caused by a time/space anomality altering the gravitational pull of the Stars in question.
Gravitational intermingling between Stars has been a real challenge for Astronomers since the beginning of the understanding.
As some say, Dark Matter could play a role in the gravitational effects of the Star Cluster.

READ:Link for Dark Matter ---> WIKI
TV: Yuotube, Educational ---> TV (6 min)

Writer for KTY Toutatis
Stan Paquette,
Medicine Hat, Alberta.Ca

08 December 2010

No barlow lens // With 2x Deluxe Barlow ED lens

 1st Astrophoto: HEQ5/ SW_Explorer 200 PDS/ Coma corrector/ Canon 1000D/ 1/125s/ ISO 800/
2nd Astrophoto: HEQ5/ SW_Explorer 200 PDS/ Coma corrector/ 2x Deluxe Barlow ED/ Canon 1000D/ 1/20s/ ISO 800/
Hello everybody!

The weather has been poor for sightings
Some time a glimps of Jupiter and some time of the moon...

Here we have a photo of the moon without a Barlow lens and with a 2x Deluxe Barlow ED lens.
Big difference!!!
Hope to get more astrophotos and show them to you.

Remember to go out and look at the night sky, have a walk or simply walk the dog.
Good exercise for the body and a bit of thinking for the mind!

Hope you like the photos, see you soon!

Ps: Here is a link to the 2x Deluxe Barlow ED in question --> HERE

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

08 November 2010

The North Star! They really revolve around it!

Round and round they go!!!

So my friends, I put on some warm clothes and headed out to look at the stars. The moment I open the door, it started to hail, I could not believe it! 2 secondes earlier I looked out through the window and saw full of stars...

Click on the Astrophoto to enlarge
I thought my evening was ruined and came back inside. 30 minutes later, a looked out through the window and the stars where shining, so once again I dressed up and headed out. The night sky was beautiful!
Because of the hail, I did not want to take out my telscope, so I took only my camera and the camera mount.

This time I wanted to take a star trail picture with the North star in the middle, so I did. I had a good 30 minutes before the clouds came back and I manage to take this cool picture.

Enjoy and remember to go out and look at the night sky!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland
Astrophoto: Pentax 31mm / ISO 1600 / Exposure: 24x30 sec. / camera mount / Registax

07 November 2010

Carl Sagan Day!

Happy birthday Carl!
76th anniversary of Carl Sagan birth (November 9, 1934)

Carl Sagan would have love the new technologies we have today for night sky observation.
He would have been amazed!

Wish you go and look at his very popular show, Cosmos and we wish you happy birthday Carl!
Thanks for everything, we sure miss you!

Go on youtube and look for other episodes of Cosmos.

Carl Sagan was a Professor of Astronomy and Space Science and Director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies at Cornell University. He served as an advisor and consultant to NASA, and played a major role in the establishment of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). He was a Pulitzer Prize winning author and most familiar to the public through his COSMOS series on PBS. In addition to numerous awards, recognitions and honorary degrees for his outstanding contributions, he is acknowledged as one of the most effective public faces of astronomy and space science throughout the world. Sagan died in December 1996. 

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

02 November 2010

The greatest night EVER!

 I looked outside just to see if I could take a photo or two of the night sky, but NOTHING!   WAIT!!!!

This was at 10 O'clock PM, lots of clouds and only Jupiter peeps out with a fuzzy light.
Around 2 O'clock in the morning, I look again and the sky is as clear as it could be, I saw everything, I mean everything!
So, afraid that the clouds will return, I hustle down with my mount, take the scope and install it, take the power cord and install it, take out the table and the chair for my accessories and the chair for better observation ;)
After 20 minutes of fussing and looking very professional, the scope was good to go!
After Polar alignement of course... 
Now to see if it works.
Indeed it works and the mount motor is silent as a the nature that surrounds me.

It is fantastic!!!
Now if I could grasp the DSLR camera and the focusing, it would give me better results and nice Astrophotos to show you

PS: This is a star trail of the constellation Orion. In the middle of the picture you can see M42 (Orion nebula) trailing away. The 3 stars with a distance between them is the belt of Orion the hunter.
Astrophoto: Camera Mount / Pentax f/8 35mm 901s ISO1600 /

Next time!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

01 November 2010

Sensationalism in science!!!

Big chunks of rock discovered revolving around Sun

Big chunks of rock cleared from their orbit revolving around Sun like Star.
In constellation Lyra, Star class M Kustar VI2010 harbors big chunks of rock.
We presume them to be proto-exoplanets in the making.
The proto-exoplanets are peculiar because of their orbit cleared around them, they should not be clumpy chunks of rock but instead smoother spherical shapes.

Wow! I love sensationalism, I always wanted to print "real news" from "another world".
Thank you to everybody involved

Go check out new photos in Astrophotography HERE!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

30 October 2010

Just like a day at the beach

Just like a night in the clouds.

Ready as you can be, but there are no stars in the sky. 
At first you think it is the fog that is taking over for a while and a couple of minutes after a glimpse of Polaris through the "fog".

At the end you fly in your time machine into the clouds and never to be seen again.

Just a couple of cloudy nights,  does not mean you will never spend a day at the beach.
Here is a link for old school Space Shuttle Simulator ---> HERE
3,2,1... lift off!
In case you hit some clouds too!

26 October 2010

MILKY WAY to go!

Here is a couple of photos of the Milky Way.
Round and round it goes! (photo by: Uolevi Leppäkoski)
Milky Way, Original photo, no changes (photo by: Uolevi Leppäkoski)
Go everybody! Get out and enjoy the night sky!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

24 October 2010

Next Full moon is the 21 of november 2010

2010 Nov 21

Next Full moon is the 21 of november 2010.

A nice sunday night with sauna and girlfriend.

So be sure to look at the terminator on the moon the 15-17 november just before the full moon, the relief is  very impressive on photography.

Good luck and hope to hear from you.

23 October 2010

Clouds VS. Stargeezer -The first light

 Us and the scope named Kustar VI
As of yesterday, I am an amateur astronomer!
A month ago I went to my friends and said: "OK! lets go and take pictures of the night sky... for that we need a telescope and other stuff." So lets get together and buy one."

They agreed!!!

So we left to see the major astronomer association in Finland and asked for advise.

3 weeks later and lots of research on the web, we finally got our telescope and the "other stuff".
Our telescope is a Sky-Watcher Explorer-200PDS 8" Newtonian Reflector Telescope - Parabolic Primary Mirror. with a HEQ5 Pro mount.
here is a link to the Telescope specs  ---> HERE

Yesterday fighting the clouds to see the full moon and Jupiter we got these photos.

So for all you people who want to go and look at the night skies, just decide and go for it (with a little help from your friends ;) )

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

 The "howling" moon
 The moon (sharpened PS)
 Jupiter and prominent moons (right: Callisto, 1 left: Io, 2 left: Europa, 3 left: Ganymede) and lots of stars ;)

 In the field (table included)