19 February 2011

Our Sun and sunspots

Here are the first astrophotos of our Sun.
I forgot my remote control for my camera, so it is a bit blurry...

But wonderful it is to take pictures of our nearest star.

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember to always use filters on your telescope when watching the Sun. Protect your eyes from the Sun at all time.

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland

16 February 2011

New astrophoto, check it out!!!

New photo of a halo of the Moon taken in Kustavi, Finland

Photo by: Essi Vuontisjärvi

It was a real cold night and the air was still.
We saw also light pillars coming from light posts and other light emission, but we dont have photos... sorry!

Tapani Isomäki
Kustavi, Finland