03 July 2019

Total solar Eclipse Chile 2019. CLUB INSIDER in Chile.

Never look at the Sun without protection.
Use the Solar filter googles
02.07.2019 La Serena, Chile
Total Solar Eclipse
La Serena, Chile 02.07.2019
Photo: Club Insider Kristian Vainio

An emotional total solar eclipse experience in northern Chile with thousands of participants feeling it.

I was watching live streams on the net sitting in my sofa in Turku, Finland. At the same time our "Club Insider" Kristian Vainio (The one who took these pictures) was present in La Serena, Chile at the center of the total solar eclipse path. In real time we connected through the net were we watched the event live.
Even I was not physically present, I felt I was there. I can only imagine Kristian in his hotel room looking from the window at this event and taking these pictures.
Next total solar eclipse will visit Chile once again in a rare back to back total eclipse on the 14.12.2020. To be continued.

Isto Virolainen and Kristian Vaino's
Hotel room/Observation base. la Serena, Chile.
Total Solar Eclipse 02.07.2019.
The Totality 16:40 local time.
La Serena, Chile.

The beginning of the Total Solar Eclipse
02.07.2019 La Serena, Chile.